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Holiday Folk Fair International

Where can you find egg rolls, strudel, falafel, traditional ethnic dancing, and cultural displays under one roof? Where can you encounter people from over 30 different ethnicities in the same location? At the Holiday Folk Fair International!

Beginning in 1943, the International Institute of Wisconsin has sponsored this annual celebration of cultures, ethnicities, traditions and folklore from throughout the world. Evolving from a one-day festival to a three-day event, the Holiday Folk Fair now incorporates an educational day for local schools and cooking demos into the program.

Over the years, the Holiday Folk Fair International has become a Milwaukee tradition, and attracts visitors from all over the world to the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds, where it is held. Music, art, dance, crafts, and of course food are showcased during this lively and entertaining three-day celebration.

For more information on how to participate in Holiday Folk Fair International, volunteer or attend this year’s celebration of diversity and culture, please visit the official website or call 414-225-6225.