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International Institute of Wisconsin

The International Institute of Wisconsin, established in 1936, assists immigrants and refugees in transitioning into the community by offering programming and support services. From immigration and social services to refugee resettlement, the Institute promotes international cooperation, understanding, and a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural perspective.

On April 7, the International Institute of Wisconsin coordinated a trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum for newly arrived refugee families, with about 50 refugees participating.

Everyone met at the IIW office and walked to the museum for the monthly public free day. The families saw an IMAX movie about stargazing in Wisconsin, walked through the streets of Old Milwaukee, experienced the Butterfly Vivarium with live butterflies, and explored the dinosaur, rain forest, and natural history exhibits.

This was the first time visiting a museum and seeing a movie in a theatre for most of the families. They’re all excited to go back again in the future.